went for it.

I planned on skating all day but when I woke up it was wet outside with shitty clouds above. I waited till about 1 and
it seemed to be okay but I was on the edge.

I've been wanting to skate this spot that I saw almost 2 years ago in Berkeley when I saw Sonic Youth.
It's super laid back and fun, except its in Berkeley.

I tired to call people to skate but as soon as they would have been ready I would have been over it so I just went for it.

Haven't skated in so long that spots have popped up, been knobbed, and un-knobbed

Saw a Berrics ad.


The weather was perfect when I got there I could skate in just a shirt it was awesome. I haven't skated in a while so as soon
as I started I was tired in the first 15 minutes.

I was there for a bit just trying to see if I could still skate, I can, a little dusty but still works. Board shot into a puddle of water, that sucked.

dude was shredding the casio.

It started to sprinkle right when I got to BART, perfect timing.

Chaper 2 of spring break here to come.