Adventures in Skateboarding

Whittier Edition

Today i picked up up justin and we went up to the whittier area. i just recently saw an abandoned Ford dealership that had a gap in the front of it. soo, i had to skate it since its a gap. duh. anyhow, we got up there in no time which was weird because it was rush hour time. it was a bit hot in the whittier area, im used to the lovely huntington beach weather now, not shit la habra. but justin ollied the gap first try and i didnt. it took me about three tries. that made me a bit mad since i used to only skate gaps and stairs. ohh, being young and throwing my body down shit. justin ollied it and tried to switch 180 it to no success. i ollie, fs bs 180. and i ollied in between a tree and a wall.

well thats a handsome young man


a security guard came up when i was trying that ollie. so i said, "one more try then we're out of here." he nodded. i did the ollie a few times because we werent getting the right shot. which we still didnt. it just doesnt look fun? but as we were packing up he said we didnt have to go since i did the trick. justin and i played skate and i lost. badly. i think i only got "s" on him. he got me with nollie shit.

we got to la habra skatepark at a bit after 6. from getting into the park, justin wasnt diggin it. he wasnt landing any tricks. while i, on the other hand, was shreddin. jokingly, i did a bs 180 ollie north. i think i was more surprised i landed it. there were quite a few bikers there, and i nearly collided with all of them. pegs to the shin would not be a good idea. we skated there for a few hours, to justins dismay. my knees started to give out when i would ollie, so yeah, we left close to 9pm.