Adventures in Skateboarding:
No Skating Edition

well, i had ideas to go skating today. but waking up at 11am and realizing that its windy as fuck outside kinda puts a damper on things. its now 2pm and the wind has not died down at all. mostly i would have only considered skating Bell, then maybe peak park. but now im just angry.

yesterday i went to Mile Square park with my friend andrew. we played basketball for about two and a half hours. it was fun. we warmed up a bit, then these two asian dudes, david and quon*, asked us if we wanted to play 2 on 2. so we did. and beat them. then these other guys asked us if we would all play 5 on 5. so we did. then we played again. and again. david turned out to be pretty good.

andrew and i then played catch. like, with gloves and a baseball. that was alright. i wanted to play basketball more, but i was hungry. i hadnt eaten anything since i got up at 11:30. but it was weird, because i wasnt hungry hungry. it was just like, hey, maybe you can snack on something.

i ended up getting taco bell and watching the Laker game as i ate it. i was upset that the Lakers were losing, but then ended up beating the Bulls. without Jordan, they aint shit.