Adventures in Skateboarding:
Vista and Mesa Edition

justin and i met up on saturday near anthonys house. we went over to Vista View middle school to skate the main ledge. i didnt skate too much, i just did some warm up shit. justin was handling it for the both of us. although, he kept falling because he would hit these little leaf nut things. justin learned front blunts on the same ledge noah learned back blunts on. i got a picture of it, just not with my digi, but with my cell phone. its weird how that happened.

back tail

another angle

i dont think it was the next day, but the day after vlad met up with me and we went over to mesa view. justins gf lives right around the corner from there, so he just met us there. the weather was kinda shitty, way overcast and cold. but we still skated.

joey and chris?
these kids played s.k.a.t.e. with us. joey and chris i believe.

i skated around.

justin intensified things

vlad and justin