More Adventures in Skateboarding

Justin met me over at kandaces house yesterday at around 3 or 330pm. we left immediately to aliso viejo park. unpon arriving, it was a bit crowded. a few bikers were lurking around, and even a few rollerbladers. from the get go, justin and i started killin it. he had more of a warmup then i did because he skated from the bus stop to kandaces house. while i just got my board out of my trunk and skated into the park. i would say we mostly skated transition the whole time. i need to get better at that shit. from what i can recall, justing nollieflipped, 3flipped, bsflip, bs360 and nollie bs180'd the pyramid. while i did all the same things but also fakie 3flip, fakie 360shuv, fakie bigflip, halfcab flip and kickflipped the top.
we then skated the middle gutter of the skatepark, im not sure what to call the thing, but its in the middle. we tried to do doubles on the steep bank. i was trying to 5050stall while he ollied under me. but i couldnt stay in the stall long enough. on that same bank, i did a 3flip all perfect and shit. some scary dude saw and high fived me.
we TRIED to skate the bowl, but that shit aint happening. neither of us could really go frontside the curves. sucks because skating bowls looks mighty fun.
it had been maybe three hours since we were there. and my knees were starting to hurt. so we left. oh yes, there was also these christian kids that showed up and started giving out water. but in return, they wanted you to listen to them talk about god. i, never took a water. justin did, but i believe he escaped the lecture before it started. smooth.

noah, mark says you dont skate anymore. get on that.
chase, where are you? call me. i know schools a bitch for both of you, but theres gotta be some shred sled time.

and, so far, im passing my classes at OCC.