Finally! Spring break. I'm setting my shredding for full shreddededed. I've been suuper busy with school lately and the only time I actually skate is from my house to my garage or to work which is always a fun cruise.

Heres where I'll be at the end of March.

The Los Angeles Latebirds - Flock Yeah II from Brian Sowell on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

mm tastey with a hint and or splashed with notes of aged skullduggery


Anonymous said...

ps when the crew stops by choke, there is a new sweet shop next to it called Cafe Legs. if its open, take a gander, theyre open one day a month to sel one thing at a time. odd indeed. you come down, i go up. bummer summer

cruised out

Noah said...

yeah I was gunna call you about that because you needed a place to stay and realized that its the same time as your show.

just cancel it its sikk

Anonymous said...

no worries man, its peachy


somebody said...