Adventures in skateboarding

i met up with justin on tuesday. we went over to the costco near his house to skate some red ledges, i put together my new board and began to skate. maybe 5 minutes into the session, i was skating around and some dude almost hit me as he was backing out of a parking spot. he then followed me back to where justin was and told us we couldnt skate. i told him to go fuck himself, because i wasnt in the mood to deal with old people. i continued to keep skating while justin skated away. the man followed me in his truck and asked if i wanted him to call the cops. i told him go ahead you asshole. so he got out of his truck and began to dial. i just laughed at him and justin thought it would be a good idea to go. so we left.
next we went to a ledge spot that hes taken to me before, but i wasnt quite feelin it. plus, i slipped on some wax that someone put on the ground and hurt my wrist. so i was over it quick.
then we went to santa ana park and just did everything. there were some really good guys there. fuckin killin shit, but then i thought, well, its a skatepark soo. justins board shot out and hit my ankle, which in turn made me bleed. but i had no idea this happened until my foot started to twitch before i would ollie. we skated there for about an hour and the cops showed up, so we bailed.
next we went to anf's house and we skated the box for a bit. i got anf to skate with my board since davis took his. hes still got it. skating that is.
THEN justin and i went to vista view and played skate. i think i won? even though we went beyond s.k.a.t.e. but still. he got me with nollie shit, while i got him with basic shit.