Dude Fjord

OK so I finally charged my camera...aaand forgot to take it skating, sique. Went skating with Peter all yesterday and am sore as shit But I had to show you this fucking ledge we found so I got a sweet aerial photo.

You see that thingie in the middle of the bridge? Oh thats just a full metal ledge that goes across forever and is super amazing and perfect height, no big deal (psych)

Also I fianlly got settled in my room. It's rad.

Don't mind that blue tape this was pre-paintroomin'...I'm building a bike that I got for $30 as well. It's shitty as eff but that's good for me ( and no I'm not turning into a bike dude, the moped is outside)

Okay that's it. I'll bring my camera next time I schralp because I've be excavating really neat spots.

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