My Mourning No.2

Finally I'm out of school and can do normal things like eat healthy and have normal body functions. Here's something to blow some time in your day:

These assholes wake Erin and I up all of the time.


This is where I make fun of Brandon in the morning.

Oh yeah I moved a while back around just around the corner. Now I have a sweet wall.

Good ole nasty shoes are coming along nicely. Some salmon blood on that right one.

Made lunch. Two different leftovers, apple, chocolate, smoked salmon, crackers, and an anchor
steam....because that's all I have to drink.

The only skateboarding that gets done for the most part: to and from my garage.

hey guys.

I took one of the shop bikes yesterday because it hasn't been ridden in awhile. We do that just so
we know that the bike is solid. Also this one is sex.


Then I sit at work, work on bikes after we close, go home, and repeat.