Hard Lurkin

so, i started my own seperate blog from this one. Hard Lurkin is just going to be things i do on my spare time. i will still post on this just as much, there will more then likely be some of the same posts on each blog. but on this, i will focus more on skating. on Hard Lurkin, it will be skating and bullshit shit.

also, Chase if you read this, give me a call tomorrow. i need to kill the box with my almost perfect ankle now. so holla at me. Noah, i regret to say, i will not be in the general area when you're down here. sorry nigga. i think now, in September, i will be renting a car and going up there. end.



Noah said...

where are you gunna be?

and your blog is lame.

Anonymous said...

fuckin christ noah, do you have anything good to say about anyone? maybe we should take YOU down a few pegs while we're at eh?

Ditch the high horse and then we'll hang out.

otherwise count me out..


Noah said...

I'm on a tower of pain.

brandon said...

check and mate.

thank you chase.

Anonymous said...