Upon further inspection..these are loafers.

so a few days ago i went to aliso skatepark with my friend nick. i had just purchased a new pair of Vans half cabs. ive always liked them, it just never bought them. but this time, instead of buying Lakai, i bought into Vans. but let me tell ya, totally worth the 45 bucks. these are thin enough that its not so bad if i kick away something big. theres slight ankle support annnnd they are comfy. but basically, get these shoes. except the camo ones. bleh.

back to the skatepark, nick and i skated there for a few hours and it was pretty fun. right when we got there, this kid that 3flipped the four stair. like, buttery as fuck though. caught it with the front foot while the back foot was still hanging out. butter. reminds me of mine. nick wasnt skating too much, i think he was a bit intimidated by the skating of everyone. and nick doesnt skate that much. after a bit of skating, a bunch of dudes showed up wearing half cabs like me. they asked me if i was here with Vans. i said no. i guess they were. but these guys were shreddin pretty fuckin good.

nick and i didnt stay for too much longer after that. the laker game was on, and it was i believe Game 2 of the Rockets series. which i will update that the Lakers are now up 3-2 on Houston. they aint got a chance without Yao or Tracy.

i meant to make this update last week. or at least a few days ago. but i forgot i had not uploaded the pictures i took of the package noah sent me. you see, i left my ipod in SF when i was up there with him. it took him about 3 weeks to mail me my ipod. such a bummer listening to the radio so much.

the box
this is the box he sent. he wrapped so much god damn tape around it. fuck.

ipod in bubble wrap
an abundance of bubble wrap. you can see my ipod through it all. upside down..

key chain thing
he also sent this fun neon orange keychain thing. i forgot to mention in my SF post, i met some of noahs co workers. i dont recall any of their names anymore. uhm, but one of them dated a 30 something year old. and she was not..well, its not my place to say. but he was nice. SORTA reminded me of Jared Bryant. right noah?

visit noah at the moped shop he works at. he'll hook it up with something free.

no, he wont..




Mary Anne said...

the ipod photo?
kinda miss mine, especially with the best playlist comprised of songs strictly and shamelessly about blowjobs.

brandon said...

yeah, i never took an ipod photo for some reason.

i have limp bizkit, lou bega and ricky martin on my ipod. good stuff.

Mary Anne said...

never took one?

brandon said...

did you mean like, a photo outside of the bubble wrap?

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