Adventures in Skateboarding:
Anaheim Edition
Justin Time

welcome to another edition of Adventures in Skateboarding. i call this editions sub title, Justin Time because i hungout with this young man for most of the day. we all know justin as a 25 year old, living in Garden Grove with his lady friend, having his own place, attending a prestigious college and skating every available moment he can. the first thing he did today when he got off school early was call me. which, i was asleep. so his call woke me up. at noon. i promptly called him back, 10 minutes later. ovbiously after i took a dump. man, these morning dumps are something fierce. all that damn fiber from Raisin Bran, but thats neither here nor there. when i talked to Justin, he wanted to skate a ledge. my first idea, the box. the box i still have not taken from Anf's house since he will ne longer really use it. i hungup on Justin and called Vlad instantly, hoping that he would want to skate the box as well and help move it over to my house. but the shithead was working. i then called Chase to see if he wanted to skate. no answer. although, thats not uncommon, he does have school work and such. i then called Anf as well. just to see if i could get a maybe out of him. but he didnt want to hurt his knee. back to square one. i called Justin back and he brought up the idea to skate Anacrime skatepark. i mean, Anaheim* skatepark. i thought why not, ive never been there. and Justin holds it in such high regards as a good park.
it took us a bit to get there from Justins house because i wanted to eat first since my neck was hurting. i wanted to take 5 aspirin's. then after that, there was supposed to be a Wells Fargo on the way. it was no where to be found. now you may be thinking, but Brandon, i thought you had a credit union? well i do. but having a Wells Fargo account makes things easier since my credit union is about 20 minutes away. while the nearest WF is maybe 5 minutes. but yeah, i got my lovely unemployment check today. another good amount of money for not doing too much besides skating and basketball. and the occasional application to somewhere. the funny thing is, ill go somewhere in person to apply, and they tell me to do it online. so impersonal these days. so after the bust of not finding a WF, we went to the park. upon first sight of the park, i already disapproved of it. one reason, bikers. lots of them. two, it was hot as fuck outside. i know reason #2 isnt the parks fault, but come on. hot weather sucks. once i got in the park, i was pretty nervous. everything in this park is huge. literally, the quarter pipes were at least 13 feet high. and the pyrimid was exactly the same. even the ledges down it were steep as fuck. who designed this park? honestly. here are some photos of the park:

1. this picture may look fun, but the only thing that you can really skate is the middle crater thing. the other 2 are virtually impossible to skate. the little quarter pipes on the side are kinda fun to skate. but when you come down from them, the ground is uneven, and if your weight isnt centered, then youre fucked.

2. this picture is was taken near the entrance. lets start from the top right, those stairs and rail are decent. but the rail is a bit low. you cant really tell from that picture. the ledge right next to it is actually kinda steep. not too steep, but yeah. the straight ledge that you see to the left has about 5 feet drop. and to get on it, you barely have to pop. some kid nearly died trying to b/s 5-0 it. sigh, im already over writing about this park. in general, i didnt enjoy this park. just boring. the step up in the picture was big too. going up the ramp that leads to the gap is so long, you loose all your speed.

Justin and i sat down for a bit. then he took me over to the moon area of the park. which was all cement blasted. we left there and went over to Justins place. i had never been into his place til yesterday. we hungout in his place and played games and ate some food. Justin made home made chicken and bacon ranch sandwiches. it was soo good. we then went outside and skated his flat rail. it was pretty fun even though my back was killin me. all in all, it was a bad day in skating until later in the day. if i said anything earlier in this post about skating today, it was yesterday. its just i didnt finish writing this post until today. i got tired last night. i will also update about the skating that went down today with Vlad and Justin. but ill do that tomorrow.

quick video of Arnold:

(click at :14 seconds. the noice Arnold makes is priceless.)



cuckootwo said...

chicken and bacon ranch sandwich?
good gravey
hey thats a thought for the concoction next time eh?
count me out though
even more so if the windows are up
and your feeling
free and relaxed..dont wanna catch
any of that perviously mentioned food gas drift. yeesh

and yes

that gurggle arnold makes issss priceless. i replayed it just at that spot alone about eight more times to a wonderful chuckle and simulated attempt at producing that gurggle. too good


brandon said...

right right.

yeah really. next time ill post the "best comeback ever"

Mary Anne said...

unemployment checks for the win!

Noah said...

boring yet....boring.

somebody said...