its been awhile

but im still here. ive been skating but not to often. chase and i were skating the other day at Hoffs Hut because the one off of beach closed. i guess they couldnt continue their lease. but in the back of the place there is a ramp/loading dock thing. but the angle is all weird an shit. but chase and i skated there for an hour and a half. but it got way to hot, way to fast.

this week i plan on skating more again, i really have no excuse for being off my one true love. i guess ive been playing way to much basketball as of late. noah, im thinkin i want to go up to SF near the middle of august or so. maybe sooner. lets actually make plans. i think i would want to take a plane up there, so i would need you to pick me up with your moped. nope.



Noah said...

totally could.

Anonymous said...

dont be afraid of the ped. be afraid that you might like holding noah's love handles, i know i did

heheheh giggle lozzzzzzzlzzzzz :(] 9uwer

happy 5th brothers


Noah said...

oh you kids. Hey wtf I thought you were coming up? I mean gas is only 5 bucks a gallon....I don't think I'm going to be able to make it down till the beginning of August.

brandon said...

noah you faggot. well, like i said, middle of august or so. i want chase to come, but he will be back in school already. i could probably stay for a week or so.

somebody said...