feels good

a few days ago, i found myself skating outside of anf's house. at first, just riding around on the sidewalk. but a few minutes into that, full on skating. just rekindling my love for hard shuvits, my lord do those tricks feel good. as i continue to skate for a few more minutes, i thought it would be a good idea to go to Vista and skate its ledges real quick. slightly bad idea.

i got there at almost sunset. but it was perfect weather and nobody was at the school. granted its summer, but still. the ledges had some of the trees flowers all over them, so i quickly dusted them off. the ledges were still very smooth even though it looked like nobody had skated them in quite some time. i gotta tell ya, skating these brought back quite a few memories. but after skating the ledges for twenty minutes i decide to try some blunt slides. i have never legitamitly tried those on anything, just fucking around. and i now know why. ya see, i was pretty pumped that my attempts were working out okay. i was sliding and locking in good, i just couldnt get out of them. so on my last try(not by choice), i ollied up to the ledge, but i didnt lock in and the board shot out from under me. i caught myself kinda, but still ended up on my chest/side. the board flew out and hit the side of the school and fucked up the nose. i got very upset that my chest/side was dirty and in pain, so i proceeded to kick my board around. then i broke it. not the best idea, but the board was old with pressure cracks everywhere. i regretted breaking it because i had to walk back to anf's now. but eh.

i now have a new board that i put together yesterday. a lovely Mike Carroll Girl deck. 7.5/8s. not my usual 7.5, but whats the difference. im hoping chase and i can skate the next couple of days since he told me any day after monday, he can. and the ditch near my house still needs to be broken in.

also, check the new link i added to the bottom of the page. CalderClog. its my pal kevin's blogger. he also enjoys shredding. check it.