not really

during noahs visit to our lovely southern california, we skated. not even close to all the spots that noah wanted to. he had a list of about..12 spots. we skated maybe 4 of them. i also did not buy the generator. i really think i should have, but ill get to why i should have in a bit.

Thursday- noah arrived at john wayne at about 5pm. i called chase prior to noahs landing and told him i would go with him to the airport to get noah. but, chase did not call me when he left to get noah. so i was left hanging for a bit. then i called noah and told him to call me when they get to huntington park, because they were going straight there from john wayne. no call. i then proceeded to drive to huntington without knowing if they were there or not. they were. it was nearly 6 when i arrived. and we skated around a bit just doing basic shit. chase was hanging out for a bit. as it got dark, we played skate on the banks. well, not really skate as much as just do this trick and dont get a letter game. after we were done with that, we met up at noahs house and then went to Henry's market. we started to eat the sandwiches but were interrupted by some tiny bitch that said she could kick my ass. i guess she was from some college in berkely or bakersfield, it was one of the other. either way, she was far from where she was supposed to be. but she tried to sell us magazine subsciptions. i wasnt for this. so i left it to noah. she tried to say that if we donated a mag subsciption to a hospital that it would be a dollar an issue. but would total 20 dollars. that really didnt make sense. long story short, we somehow started making jokes on how her nipples were huge as if they were old school tv knobs. i dont know, i cant explain chase myself and noahs humor. "ca-caww. wait, shit." after we stuffed our faces, we went to these ledges right near disneyland. we got there and started to warm up alittle, and during this time, chase died. he attempted to fs 5050 and his trucks just stuck. his limp body flew through the air until it connected with the ground below. he didnt try to catch himself. it was pretty epic to watch. but it made my asshole get alittle tight from watching. we sessioned it up for about 45 more minutes, noah back tail shuv'd. ass. after we left this spot, we went back to noahs, and watched old footage from my vx. jessica and nikki met up with us there. done.

Friday- i got up at 10am because we all agreed to get up at this time to get alot of skating in. i called noah, but he was not awake yet. and i knew calling chase would get the same result. so i just hung out. noah called back at 1030 and informed me he just woke up and that chase had to go get some food with his dad. so we figured he wouldnt be ready to skate till about noon. so i went to two brothers with jessica and had an amazing lunch. afterwards, chase and noah were ready so we met at nikki's house. it was my turn to drive, so we went to newport beach to skate this ditch. but once we got to the ditch, it was filled with dirt kinda. it was like that because of the rain we had had a week or so prior. we did the best we could with what we had, but it was still kinda dumpy. afterwards, i was informed we were going to meet up with justin, all the way in garden grove. damn. we went and picked him up and went to these ledges near his house. they werent to bad. did some tricks i havent done before. as did noah chase and justin. we skated there for about an hour or so. maybe alittle longer. after that, we were a wee bit hungry, justin and i went to arbys. while chase and noah went to taco bell. took us about 30 minutes to eat. we ate alittle to fast if you ask me, but after that we went to a classic spot. we just call them the 5s and the 8s. which in turn, are 5 stairs and 8 stairs. but to our misfortune, since it was friday there was a sha-bang-a-bang of mexicans playing soccer. noah and i tried to skate the 5s, but these two little kids were playing handball on the wall by the 5s. fuckers. i didnt do shit, noah atleast pop shuv'd them. it started to get to dark, so i took justin home and went back to nikki's because chase had to go to work by 8. after chase left, noah and i went to nikki's new apartment because her roomates were out of town. nikki had abunch of people over later that night too. not to name drop but, yasmin, lisha, geo, MOLL, aaron, jessica, phil, rené, jackie and kevin. not to bad. all i know is, we played way to much super smash brothers on n64. done.

Saturday- i forgot to mention that it rained on friday night. so it was so wet in the morning to skate. i went over to anf's house to hangout with him. i have not seen him in a long time. we played smash bros for quite awhile. his mom made us all breakfast. and by us, i mean nik, anf, myself and danielle. it was really good food. i love caroline's food making skills. nothing else really happened. noah had to leave at 4 to go to his aunts house in malibu. chase went to LA with jared to see morrissey. anf left to go hangout with kyle and andrew. i just went over to jessica's and so did nikki. hungout there for a bit. then just decided i should go home.

Sunday- nothing happened during the day. but at around 8pm noah, chase and justin met up near me to skate the skatepark. the thing is, the skateparks lights are always on on sunday nights. but this sunday, they were not. total bust. so basically, i should have bought that damn generator. but we still skated the park for about an hour. after that, we went to the Albertsons up the street and skated the manual pad for about an hour. after that, i went inside Albertsons and got some food for home. now noah is back in SF, what a bitch.



chase said...

it's almost unbarable to know that any sketchy word in ANY of your posts will no doubtly ensue in porn/dicks/balls/cum/and anything of the "fuck" nature. this sites main stay is as follows

1. skatboarding & porn..


BUT, decent post anyhow. someone had to do the writting before the pictures

Anonymous said...

so bland.

Noah said...

Lots of junk but no trunk.

somebody said...