Fastest drummer EVER.

My first time taking the BART which is amazing as well as classy.

walls of ride
And people wonder why skateboarding exist.

Got home to a sunny day of goodness.

Dust bowl
Shreddin' the dust bowl.

make shift

Chase Koston
Justin took us to this spot where things went down like Chases nollie heel front krook.

The Head
This guy.

Then rain. Then "The skatepark thats lit till like 12."


MOB photo incentive.

Overall it was pretty okay. But I think another trip up to SF is in order.

Stuck Creatures
When I got back I went on the moped Monday ride over to treasure island (which is illegal
because mopeds aren't allowed on the bay bridge) and 7 of the 25 mopeds got pulled over,
Ticketed, and bummed out.

Popo Hiding Creatures
Meanwhile we hid really hard and some popo came racing around the corner with lights
blazing and just drove past us, weird. Some crossed back over the bridge, others waited for
the creature van to pick us up. Good times.