it's 60˚ and im thawing.

I haven't skated thoroughly since California because of the 24˚ degree weather, makes sense. So things that I've been doing the last months:

- Walked home in a Blizzard from Manhattan home.
- Started my moped right up after it was buried under snow for the past months.
- Went to the dentist, used my heath care.
- Skated the Brooklyn Vans exclusive park and got free beer, pizza, and a beanie.
- Tried going to the gym, weird.
- Moving in with Erin in March to our own place.
- Spent super bowl eating $116 dollars worth of Taco Bell.

Here are some highlights (with my new phone that takes real pictures...easier bloggin')

Fig.001 Moped under snow after walking in the blizzard.

Fig.002 almost skating time!!!

Fig.003 TACO BOWL!!!!

Fig.004 The Wburg bridge covered in a white substance.

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