old footage

I forgot I linked Oh Dear and my blog together. I was trying for a good 15 minutes to remember Oh Dears password.

anyhow, I found some old miniDV tapes some weeks ago. I got bored in my film editing class, so I uploaded some shit. I just bought a apply G5 today, it came preset with FC pro and some other lovely little things. so, heres a small clip of me skating some shit. I believe Chase is filming. Justin was there too, but I dont think he landed anything.

and about school, Im doing really well. Acing both my classes. Its really nothing though, only two classes. But, school is good and Im thoroughly enjoying it.

sorry I didnt see you while you were here, Love. I had the tapes for ya.


ps, sweet still of myself for the video, right? like im doing the peewee herman dance on my board.


Noah said...

It's cool I was down for a funeral and had limited time. I'm already back in NYC at work...When I come home for two weeks we will have a massive seshwan

also thanks for the footy its sickie gnar boots

Anonymous said...

sehswan is breshwan.


Nice tid bits B boy. I was thinking about this spot the other day actually. Soon my boy soon.