Chase and Jerod Rivera

Chase and Jerod Rivera are lovely young lads i met some years ago. I can recall the night i met Chase perfectly. I went out to skate with our pal Mark Bartling and some other dude. Chase knew Mark through either Noah or from school. None the less, he was present. Chase at first, was very shy and a bit awkward. Understandable since I, am an immature dipshit and at the time, skated non stop. We all skated some spots in Westminster and under my guidance had decided to skate this long flat rail. I asked Chase to film because Mark, myself and other guy were going to skate. Mark and dude got over it pretty quick, but Chase continued to film, it took me a good 20 tries to land a measly boardslide. Upon landing I nearly shot out into the street, but Chase grabbed me before I did, and basically saved my life. Friends forever.

Jerod on the other hand, I can not pinpoint the exact day or thing i was doing when I met him. Its odd because I generally have a very vivid and good memory about this shit. So, sorry Jerod. But basically, Jerod is a good friend to me as well. I enjoy his company.

The good thing about both of these fine specimens of men is, we have a very good amount of shit in common. Not only do we all constantly quote Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, but The Simpsons and a bunch of other random garbage as well.







Happy Birthday Boy-o's. Even though it was 2? days ago.

Im horrible at writing things sometimes..


Noah said...

its cool i TOTALLY FORGOT.

Jared said...

Thanks B
I look weird clean shaven, shadows are the best

Anonymous said...

I think the best part is that brandon watermarked the first it was going to get stolen.