SILK FLOWERS - In Your Memory from Tara Sinn on Vimeo.

I have really been into the way construction looks. I wrote out this whole thing but it didn't work and now you will just get the brief and boring " I like it" version because well the moment has passed. It'll be back, I haven't finished my construction obsession/talk by a long shot. 
I do however want to collect enough construction pieces from various sources and borrow a few lanes in the middle of the night to make the city ( or any city ) come pick up their borrowed objects. Not out of revenge or spite or anything like that, but because I just want to see what small park of a street I could take up after I change their colors and put them back into circulation? Maybe they wouldn't.

C. Construction


Noah said...

suuuuper rad. I lurked on stuff that was related, awesome:

Also you should check out TV carnage if you haven't too.

Get some visuals at your shows to make people vomit when you play, sik.

Noah said...

Anonymous said...

we just put together a thing for a show at a gallery/space we had. it was cool, we had no idea really how to edit stuff so it was interesting seeing them work out during our set. that vimeo thing is dope. now that we've had a show with messed up visuals i feel that i dont want any with out. bummer. oh well, time to be in the market for a projector!

gonna check that TV carnage


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