Twitter. Gay.

yeah, its gay. yeah, its stupid. yeah, i shouldnt have made the account. but i made us a Twitter account months ago so we could know what we were doing. doing as in if we were skating and such. but we really dont skate as much anymore, besides myself. but i know you two have school and such. but i had forgot about the account for a while, vlad reminded me so there ya go. i set it up so it follows some shitty people. mostly Oprah and Shaun White though. anyhow, yeah, its there. whatever.



Noah said...

waste - o - time

Anonymous said...

hey tweeters! its oh dear again, soo i just cleaned up the cummy off my tummy but had to use some of my shirt because i ran out of kleenex lol. dont you hate when that happens? im here at trader joe's buying things. someone come by and watch me shop and then follow me home and take pictures of me while i shit! yay! after that we're gonna skate back and forth from one cross walk to the other until we vomit cooooollll come join us.

would that count as tweet material? im actually not entirely opposed to a twitter account brand, just ya know-kinda dont even really use this blog nearly enough to constitute a twitter.

Anonymous said...