It has been some time since i have updated on here. i apologize. i havent been doing too much with myself besides speculating on going to SF for job interviews. that, and skating alone.

The other day, i went skating with justin. it had been some time since ive skated with him, so it was nice. i went to his house and we were on our way to skating over to the Post Office. he told me they have this flat rail there, so i was excited. on our way there, i attempted to do a quick little nollie into a drive way. i landed primo perfectly. it was completly unexpected so i wasnt really ready when i hit the ground. and i git the ground fucking hard. to add insult to injury, a truck honked at me as it drove by. my palms were bleeding, it was a great start to things. when we got to the Post Office, we had to move some dumpsters out of the way. but the thing about the rail was, it had welding marks on it, as in they tried to skate stop the rail. luckily, the welding marks werent big enough that it would fuck up your deck. but there was one more bummer, they had also put a rail on the ground around the initial rail. so you had to do a small ollie before actually getting to the rail. i skated the rail a bit and noticed there was some red curbs waxed nearby. i skated them for a short minute until the back tail i attempted stuck and i couldnt catch myself from falling. so i slightly hyperextended my left arm. going great so far. then i noticed this gas meter thing that i wanted to ollie over. it looked like this: I--I. but the middle part was higher. the top of it was a bit higher than my knee. so i thought, fuck it. i get about 15 yards away and start to haul ass. oh, a rock. i hit the rock as im leaning a bit too forward so of course i fall. fuck up my palms more and a rock get embedded into it as well. awesome. so far, a terrible, yet good day of skating. only good because i was skating.

fucked up
left palm. doesnt look that bad, but it stung.

fucked up good
right palm. the rock was in this hand. doesnt look like much as well, but still hurt.

later that night, justin and i were eating pizza and vlad called to skate. we decided to skate LB park. it was surprisingly a good park. although, some of the things were a bit unrealistic to skate. AND i fell a lot more there. hurting my palms and legs more so. long story short, i need to shred more.

that means with you chase.