Rubios has some good tunes.

Started off the day at the slater slums taco truck. If you didn't know Slater st. in OC has a huge Mexican population and also supplies one of the cheapest taco trucks, two delish tacos for one dollar and free pineapple water? Oh and Nick Tiffer eats meat again, welcome back.

The night before I was dared to get buche, pig entestine on a taco because no one could stomach it. But they didn't know I was experience meat eater. It was rather tasty but maybe because I didn't have poo chunks in mine (bottom left is the pig poop holder taco.)

After that we went to golden view, got the buche revenge and Chase got the shakes so we were there for like 15 minutes.

I had the great idea of getting baskin robins thinking I was purchasing an ice cream shake I just got pure chocolate syrup and brownie cup, 31 flavors blew it.

Then real skating finally happened.

Satellite and stealth wings. Bro.

Talented and intelligent with Rubios incentive.


Then I no comply wallied back home.