Oh me, Oh my

its been a depressing month and a week since i have sprained my ankle. im pretty glad to say i can ride around full speed and do the basic tricks. i should still kinda stay off of it for a bit longer. my ankle pops quite a lot now. mostly when i wake up in the morning. but also quite often randomly in the day. i stretch it out every morning and a few times during the day. it was really hard to do that at first, my ankle was really tight. i didnt really think of doing this sooner. not too sure why. i think i want to skate the newly painted box tomorrow. i had to paint over all of Anfs paintings with white paint. then i painted the L rail purple. shit looks sick. i also left the heart on the side of it there.

grip it and rip it.

i missed skateboarding so much. fuck. front tail 270 out here i come.