ankle report

my ankle is doing much better. its been over 2 weeks. it seems like its been forever. im fully walking and everything. but still cant fully run. i can hop and jump. but i still cant jump with my left foot. it still puts too much pressure on my ankle. i can basically push around on my board, but thats not enough for me. i need the full feel. so now im predicting by next Weds, ill be skating again.

i told justin that i would learn front tail fs 270 out. and he'll learn back tail bs 270 out. WHICH i might add, is the easier trick. but we'll see who learns first. i think ill learn it on the box.

vlad and i are sorta planning our skate trip. the choices are between SF, SD and AZ.

-SF because vlads been there like, once.

-SD because its a nice area and there is a lot to skate. i saw that recently.

-AZ because of the same reason of SD, just its going to be much much hotter.

i want chase to come along too, but i think he has school. we'll seee.