Ankle Report: Chipper than ever!

My ankles are great. Me and Mark went skating on Wednesday and proved there chipper like little growing boys. We went to 3rd and army which was windy and lame and the ledges are really rough and hard to get use to. Then we went and scoped the flower shop which is some OG skatespot that you have to be invited to get into. Looked over the wall and its just rad tranny everywhere but they were repairing a part of it.

Right around the corner was the alemany barrier so we skated that. I did a wallie handplant transfer over the barrier to stall on the curb on the other side (I think thats what you would call that?)

Then we went to Pacifica Skatepark which was fairly empty where we skated the step up where Mark, Jahaari, and I were having loads of giggles. I got a tre bomb up the steup up a couple of times, kickflip manual, mark got a nollie nose manual, frontside flip up, Jahaari got half cab manual, and a shuv it. All Ankles in tact.

I've been doing summer school. I painted a coke can for a brochure.