soon to be .com

i downloaded Dreamweaver and Flash and other lovely products of Adobe from limewire. i was trying to DL shit from bit torrent, but it made me too nervous. my computer started to freak out as i was DLing things from there, so i was over that. but basically, i want to make us a site and ill send them to both of you and tell me what you think. ill send it to you too jerod.

i was skating around today. its my first time in about 8 days. its been awhile because i was playing basketball last week and after about two and a half straight hours of bball, i had blisters on each of my feets pinky toes. it was shitty. but i skated around the 'hood in my new half cabs, i gotta wear these things in. but literally, f/s kickflips first try.