Adventures in Skateboarding:
San Fransisco Edition

i woke up at 4:45am on a dark tuesday morning. i stretched a little. yawned. then went to sonny's room. i woke him up and we both got ready. i packed a few more things that i had forgotten to pack the day prior. just the small things: toothbrush, toothpaste, extra socks, etc. i loaded my things into sonny's car then went back inside to look for some snacks for us. to my dismay, i could not find anything but cans of Stag and clam chowder. not exactly traveling food. we left at exactly 5am, there was a slight mist in the air and it smelt good. it was fresh, this was going to be a good drive i thought. i was wrong..

noo, it was a good drive. here are some photos:

i thought i had more photos uploaded when the weather was nice. i thought wrong..

then as we got closer to SF, maybe 15 minutes out, it started to rain.
it started to rain as we got closer to SF

a photo of the Bay Bridge

then after about a day or so, the weather got better. much better.
the weather got better
i forgot to mention, when we got to SF, sonny got a free ticket to the Giants opening game at the AT&T statium. so i went and hungout with mark. him and i went to berkely skatepark. its not too bad of a park. but it was a lot of tranny. i nearly broke my finger in the cage around the park. i lost control of my board when i came down from a kickflip and went into the fence/cage. my fingers went into the fence/cage and bent back pretty far.

but back to before. once the weather cleared up, noah and i would skate at night. it was still a bit too hot during the day to skate. i didnt bring my digital camera with me because it is to big and clunky. which is why im going to buy a point and shoot camera. i do have pictures from my camera phone though, ill upload those later and post them on here.

heres another photo. its from buena vista park down the street from noahs place.
San Fransisco



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