oh dear

its been awhile since i posted. sorry about that my fellow daily readers.

i went over to United Boardshop yesterday with Justin. i was going to bring chase, but he had band practice, and since i knew Justin sorta lived near by i gave him the call. i also called Anf, but he was nowhere to be found. when i got to United, i was supposed to meet up with this guy Jr, he is friends with one of my other friends and he was the one that was hooking it up. did i mention United has a skatepark in the back of their shop now? well they do. i talked to Jr. for a bit, then he said Justin and i can skate in there until they close the shop. which was at six, and it was only 3:20pm.

when Justin and i first started skating, we were not used to it. the park was good size, its just the ground was way slick. like fuckin liberty skatepark slick. but we got used to it pretty quick. i wanted to take some photos and film some shit, but Jr. said not today. i guess they dont let people do that in the park, and i guess the manager was there or something. but he said it should be fine next time we come over. Justin and i played "grind skate." i beat him. then we played normal "skate" with this other kid named Jose. i killed em both. then i learned backside nosegrind hard shuv out. solid.

im going to go there this weekend again as well. Jr is there every weekend.