Slappies and BART rides.

Staba hates mondays.
A glorious day of skateboarding. Went and met up with Colton and Aurthur at there house.

I showed them a ledge spot right by there house. Right when we got there Zack showed up and did some fancy footwork.
Shade, Trees, Ledges, coffee and/or liquor store across the street...Its bangin' for sure.

Not landed but documented.
wallie to grindz bro.

In the MICH!
We stopped by mission skates which is a new skateshop in the mission which Phelps was there for some reason and then took the BART downtown.

Spider man was there as well.
We skated the spider for awhile.

Hippie spider

boneless across the bridge.

down on the barco.
went to this infamous spot.

Not switch.
Colton threw down.

This is switch.