kinda silly

so, im on my way down to Fountain Valley to watch my friends house. and as im driving, i see a ad on the back window of some bro's truck. as i proceeded to read it and not pay attention to the road, it reads:

"The Proper
Skateboard Instructions."

now, i am one to pass judgment solely on looks. and this ad just blew me away. i then grabbed my canon rebel and tried to get a photo of this. but i regret to say, every attempt was not a success. and everytime i tried, the dude in the truck would look out his window. so i had to act all cool. which i might add, was easy to do.

but basically, i could not get a photo of this truck because it turned right on some shitty street in Stanton. but heres the real link anyway, The Proper Technique.

so sad.