Day in the life.

Sunday mourning part duex
So this is a day in the life. I suggest Brandon and Chase follow my lead.

Woke up and did homework with coffee.

I went to deluxe for a zip zinger powerslide competition with Peter who was going to write an
article for Slap. I came so he could meet his blind date photographer complements of me.

getting hyphy
Mikey shooting power cuties.

power cutie
James has a wicked backside cutie for sure.

Dorthy chillin'
Everyone left for the skatepark after. I went home because I didn't want to skate way the eff
out there. Got the moped rode to the new skatepark only to find mike and peter absent. Phelps
and other present.

sf skatepark ish.
This park is danky.

zieg heist
Met up with the staff. Shared thoughts. Right when I got there James was like "Hey your the guy on the old school board right? You won something." He went back into the bar came back with a piece of paper.

I'm kind of a big deal.
I won a ZipZagger! I guess when we were hanging out in front of deluxe when we had a hot slappy curb sesh they saw the layback blunt I attempted and also a flamingo to 5-0 stall. Random.

Golden prize
Sick Bro!

I rode home.

Went to a moped BBQ. Best cheese sausages ever.

nfb field guide
I didn't think I was going to get anything substantial for my B-day and whammo a sweet handmade book, some kid robot toys, a jar with goodies, and a german choloate cake from scratch!

Callin' it a day.