i left my house in the afternoon heading towards Fountain Valley. my actual destination was Anthonys house. yes, anthony. but basically, i made plans with him to hangout and what not. i got to his house at nearly 6pm. i left my house at roughly 455pm or so. fuck, beach blvd traffic blows asshole.

but i got to his house and we played Wii for a bit then kinda sat around. we then went into the garage for some reason, i dont really know why, but not soon after, Brett, Jay and Getnar showed up to get "something" from Nik. Nik then snuck out a bag with something in it. Jessica then called and aked if we wanted to go to dinner, we accepted. but until she could get to Anthonys, him and i watched 90% of Fully Flared.

we decided on Claim Jumper because i had a gift card. while there, Anthony and i drew in the childrens menus we took. quite fun. then after dinner, Anthony dropped Jessica and myself off at our cars at his house. we then parted ways, Anthony went to a going away party at baja willys and Jessica and i went to Mollys house to watch a movie. we watched KILL BILL vol. 1. then later, i went back to Anthonys when he got home and him and i talked for about 2 hours. total boy time. alittle gay, but totally straight!


i woke up at 8am because Nik and his mom were talking. so i went back to sleep in Anthonys room. i then awoke at 11am and realized i was in the room alone. lets just fast forward to about 130pm. Vlad met up with us at Anthonys house, we then went to get food. then proceeded to go to Goodwill.

after that, we went back to Anthonys to decide what to do. i tried to convince Anthony to come with myself and Vlad to the santa ana river bed. i wanted to get a fs tail on the bank that shot my board into the water months prior. but he wouldnt have it. so Vlad and i went by ourselves instead.

i got the fs tail within 6 tries. totally worth it. but the thing is, i wanted to film it too. but i couldnt find my VXs battery charger when i was leaving on friday, so i only came down with my digital cam. but under further inspection on my car, i realized my charger was there. weak! noah would be bummed. after that, Vlad and i went back to Anthonys and hungout for a bit. then Anthony left to go hangout with Brett and such, so Vlad went home and Jessica invited me over. then i came home