so, im borrowing my friends tower until i get a new hard drive. this computer is alittle slow, but it gets the job done. although, i tried to upload pictures to flickr and it froze.

but im thinkin ill go up to SF in about a month or so. maybe when noah will have spring break. i can most likely drive my car up there after i get it serviced. or maybe ill take a plane. either way, i need to get some shit done. skating wise, because nothing is happening down here.

i plan on going to the skatepark tomorrow night. and maybe on sunday also. we will see how that goes.

and whoever posted that video with the dogs, shiiiiiiit. i couldnt even watch 20 seconds of it. i saw something like that a long while ago with dogs and cats in tiny cages in the back of a truck. total bummer. fucking gooks.