last night

i arrived at La Habra park at about 9pm. as i entered the park i noticed a whole lot of bladers. like, tops, 15. totally bummin me out. then i glanced around more and noticed that there were bikers here too! and not just BMX homo's, but fuckin moutain bike assholes with huge shocks on their shit.

as i started skating around i realized it might not be so easy since everyone around me was blasting 540s and double ped grinds. after a solid 10 minutes of bobbing and weaving through abunch of homo's, a cop showed up. now im thinkin, fuck. but the cop came into the park and told the bikers to leave because their peds ruin the coping. that was kinda cute. but i still had to deal with fruit booters. im almost positive one of the fucks backflipped something in that park when i wasnt looking. but after another 10 minutes, those fucks left. so it was just me. thats when the sparks started to fly.

ollie north!



Noah said...

thats cool but it looks like the ollie north was on accident brosf

Jared said...

how did you manage to take a picture of yourself? this story has some loop holes

brandon said...

noah - not even on accident!

jared - tripod and amazingly good timing!

Noah said...

what a dork. you took a picture of yourself.

Jared said...

hey man, someones gotta pay the bills

Anonymous said...