noah came down and visited for acouple days. he came down for christmas. but i was thinking he would stay about a week or so. but he only stayed 4 days. so i only got to skate with him for the Sunday prior to christmas. weakness.after i got off work last Saturday i came down to FV and hungout with noah. i slept over at his house so that we could get an early start at skating. didnt quite happen that way, we got to Huntington park at about 140ish. Vlad also came with us. we skated there for about an hour or so. Alex Moul was there. he was nice. he was wearing lakai's. i thought he was on Globe? but after we left, we went to Irvine because i wanted to fuck up the Northwood HS rail. we got there, got our cameras and shit. maybe skated for 5 minutes and got kicked out. omega bummer.

(i tried to upload the video of us getting kicked out, but Blogger blows ass)

the dude wrote down my license plate and sped off. eh, he cant do shit. we then went to Irvine HS just to mess around. and fuck, they knobbed everything at that damn school. im talking even shit you cant skate.

but we made due and skated in the back park also.

after that, we went back to noahs and vlad left. thennnn the rest of the day blew.