there is none of this slacking

you speak of on my end. just most of it doesn't grace the surface of these pages. maybe they should but when they don't they are documentation's of there own. here is my slacking

1. keeping a band afloat..(ever try?.....moving on.)

2. somewhat putting personal writings/rambles/crap of my self, my brother, and a buddy that lives in portland now, into a meager circulation
(see photos)

3. working 6 days a week. death

4. riding what brought this place about in the first (first photooooooooooo) place when possible. (kinda hard when A.-i have no camera other than polies, Noah lives in SF, Brandon may as well live just as far, and no one else skates..)
5. have yet to see fully flared. brandon will show me soon
i still love you all so its ok
Yours Truly,
I take terds on blogs when instigated (happy now?)
me too <3