non-stop work

i have work monday through thursday this week. and ive been working since wednesday. so my feet are kinda killing me. but the past couple of nights ive been skating the local park. fucking shit up and ruining little kids lives. these dudes were asking if i wanted to go skating with them at other spots, i guess some local kids are trying to make a video themselves. but eh, i told them maybe some other time. while i was there tonight i waxed the top of the main bank, and i was just tailsliding the whole thing. tis fun.

i just put my fisheye on my rebel, it fits, but cannot focus. shitty.

so yeah, since i will be in invine from thursday through sunday i would like to skate in that area. which means chase and i need to get our filming on. noah on the other hand cannot skate with us, so he will have to send me footage via internet or the mail.(send me a mini dv) hah.

shit, i started this post at 12:15am and it is now 1:21am. god damn youtube.