The Bad Week. (Act I )

Dead Dear.

It went all down hill from the 19th.
[At work one night on a little break a new employee asks me to play skate {I had to skate to
work because my throttle cable snapped and had to walk from downtown all the way home.}
We start the game off.]

Me: Kickflip

[ I do a kickflip, I know weird. ]

Peter: I'm not very good at kickflips

Me: Just try.

[worst attempt at a kickflip ever]

Peter: I can only do heelflips really.

Me: Okay then...switch heel.

[ When I'm about to pop a honk and a yell tear my trick apart from the car next to me]

Dude 1: BOO!!! hahah!!!!!

Me [Quite angered with life]: REAL SWEET "BRO" YOU'RE SOO COOL.

[ Being a shitty week, getting stepped on, yelled at, pushed, pulled, anxiety-ized comes a series
of events. I skate back and the car is still waiting for the stop sign. Fuck it.]

Me [ as I skate closer to the car and smack the window with the palm of my had]:


[ Pumped that I finally got back at all the asshole bros, gangsters, and any sorts of testosterone
driven human beings I skate off, ollie up the curb, and get attacked by the man that yelled at

Dude 1 [ as he trys to put me to the floor]: YOU WANT TO START SHIT LETS GO! LETS GO!!

Me [over powering him, putting my hands around his neck, slightly choking him]: Get the
Fuck off me! I was just fucking around!

Dude 1[scared face]: Get your fucking hands off me!

Me: Get your hands off me!!

[ Out of nowhere 3 dudes roll up 1 skinny, 2 huge guys, one jumps in between me and Dude 1 Then met by a co-worker backing me up pushing the assholes { this is where I realize that they are skateboarders}]

Me: I was just fucking around, are we cool?

Dude 1 [ His face said yes, but his gangster friends, testosterone building body didn't { it was in his eyes}]: NAW, FUCK THAT!

Fat dude: Fuck you!

[Board snapped by fat dude proceeds]

Skinny dude: Heres some grip [ throws it on the ground] go buy a new deck.

Co-worker [ throws the grip at him]: fuck off assholes!

End of Act I

I don't want to start shit...its a small city and you see the same people all of the time. I've seen the dude that had snapped my board before he was nice, but I guess when your rolling 4 deep, dumb, and hip hop you don't have common sense. Skateboarders don't snap other skateboarders boards, its taboo. What all went down was just a sweet miss communication, testosterone, and a bunch of bad decisions.
I knew they were just at FTC and I know that the dude that snapped my board was there friends. Went over to FTC talked to them told them what when down, told them that there wasn't any hard feelings just that it was fucked up. Guess the dude has pride in his car and thats where I crossed the line, oh to be human.

The bad week - hopefully to succeed is the better week.


chase said...

here's how it just might go.

A. they hold a grudge for a while everytime your in the shop or skating..then get over it..but always remember it.

B. option A. occurs and they always remember, BUT somehow in skateboardings truely weird tangles, become better local lads and laugh at it over a few drinks + the ones you have from then on months ahead/or chuckle it off out in the streets 7plying about.

truth be telt, unwritten laws of skatings participants, sometimes get crossed--Beacuse human behaviour laws are generally written in stone=piss poor

you shouldnt have hit his window and he shouldnt have snapped the stick.

Jared said...

i hope you learned your lesson young man

*gangster skaters make life look awful*

Anonymous said...