99th post traumatic syndrome

We are on the 99th boys and it seems I'm goin in lone ranger status. Tomorrow will be filled with skateboarding joy.
I went to the Ruca art opening yesterday [forgot the camera] and pretty much saw the most amazing stuff ever. Not so much artwork-wise [Barry Mcgee is amazing] but just massive surge of skateboarding talent that was in the room. All of the Ruca skateboarders, artist, and figureheads were all there along with SF locals.
I got there early because Mark said that there would be free goodies in cotton/pulp form. The manager recognized me so I got in early, money. Got some Barry threads and the art show book and just watched as the talent poured in. They were all on the Ruca "Mild Ride" and everyone was pretty haggard but amazing, it was like a soco reunion. I had my second encounter Danny Garcia [the first I think is with Brandon at Rancheo when he asked if we had a skate tool and we didn't then he proceeded to do the best live switch tre.] Tommy Guerrero's band played, Cairo Foster sighting with kid, Jimmy [ruca TM] bled all over the ground - Ed documented, Leo lookin like scum, blah blah blah....thats not the sweet part/me bragging.
I was taking with Mike [acid] and Matt [works at huff] and I made eye contact with Josh Harmony and he recognized me from HB park! So we talked a little congratulated him about his kid and he was holding a couple of jackets and went he went to find his friend to put them away, he left, couldn't find his friend, met back up with me. Mark was close by so I had mark help Josh with his jacket situatish and helped him put it downstairs. Then Ed was there also and he recognized me also! It was pretty intense/amazing/fun/depressing. Oh dear I'm kind of a big deal now.

P.S. skateboarding going on the 100th post!


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your not alone. just the only one with the pulp at the moment. though, i will be putting up a few scans for your eyes to google on from Jim Phillips

its big in size and jam packed with oldshcool graphic goodness

kinda like oh dear

but not really

just our bear

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oh you kids

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