Your famous, thats interesting.

Working on Haight you see alot of assholes. I saw Thurston Moore today and realized that on

a rad scale
Morrissey is

totally bogus

compared to him.
Although some might disagree, which in this case is not acceptable.

Mark saw Robin Williams and he bought a belt buckle for $2400 that had hands holding up
the LA sign.

famous people are just assholes in the end.


chase said...

thurston maybe be money, but Morrissey is nowhere near bogus.
how did seeing thurston put morrissey in comparison of the two anyway?
seems you just wanted to stir the pot

and true, it worked
but also true i do not agree,
which means i owe you a nice focused board when we see face again

i regret to tell you however

iam not joking

p.s. the word around the campfire is that a few people might be going to your neck of the woods Novemberish? maybe? twoud be sweeet

bigmouth said...

thurston moore-completely different guy and appreciated on a different realm

moz-completely different guy and appreciated on a different realm

chase said...

ahha oh noah got under the moz skin.

or i mean it was josefed aha

brandon where have you been?

Noah said...

screw it we are all getting morrissey tats

somebody said...