my legs hurt

chase came over today and we went to this school in fullerton? it was a spot roy told us about. but it was kinda alright. like, it was a bank but it was basically for regular. goofys had to ride up the hill unless you wanted to do backside. which is what i did. i got a kickflip and some gnar ollies. hah. i was trying fakie flip into the bank but it got to dark.

chase and i proceeded to a lovely eatery that sold an abundance of food. from chinese to hamburgers to mexican. it was insane. and really good and cheap.

we then went to the la habra skatepark since it was night time. chase wasnt really feelin it. but me on the otherhand was killin it. fucking everywhere. it was just chase myself and three other dudes. but then a shabangabang of people showed up. lame. but it wasnt to bad. i kinda met the three dudes that were originally there. they were pretty good. they said they come here almost every sunday. nice. i might do that myself.

long story short, my legs hurt.

also, the yeah yeah yeahs show was amazing.