roy blessed me with a call around 1pm today. asking me if i wanted to skate. i informed him i did. i told him i would call him back after i had talked to chase. but, chase was not picking up his phone. luck was on chases side though because after i talked to roy, he did want to go to LA. but instead changed his mind because it was to late in the day. i forgot to mention, it was now 3. i kinda lagged calling roy back. but anyhoo, roy and his friends wanted to come with me down to HB. they wanted to skate up huntington and other spots in the general area. roy actually left before i did. so i was going to meet him and his friends at huntington. and when i finally talked to chase, i left him know we were all going down there. so he was happy. i was going to go to nikkis house first to start a load of laundry but roy and his friends got lost. they took the 57 to get down to HB from diamond bar. even though i told him to get off the 57 to the 405 north. eh. so basically i had to skip nikkis and go straight to chases. we met up with roy and his friends steven/stephen and mark. both nice dudes. we got along. they dont wear baggy clothes noah. we then preceeded to HB park. skated for maybe 10 minutes and decided to go to the beach ledges. we sessioned those for about 40 minutes. mark was trying to nose manual the first long block, but i regret to say, could not pull it. steven/stephen got acouple things. some back 5s, nearly kickflip back 5050 and some solid flatground work. chase and myself did some basic things, frontside 5050, and 5s. chase nearly got a frontside crook. after a couple fly bys by the police chopper we left. we went to two brothers pizza and mark pretty much owned the place. dinner time special with hot wings. his asshole is going to be burning when he shits. god damn, the smell of the hot wings burned my nose. we said our goodbyes and i showed mark how to get to the 405 south from there.

chase and i came back to nikkis and decided to get alittle more skate on. we went to cox and just skated the red curbs for a bit. nothing tooooo fancy. skated there for maybe 30 minutes then went back to nikkis and watched footage from the other day with roy. then watched death proof with jessica also. chase agreed that there is to much talking in that goddamn movie. kill some bitches. shit.

old lday
blows noahs backtail outta the water. this one was landed.
almost chase.



Oh Dear said...

It doesnt blow it out of the water. he got a few good ones goin so its cool. This baggy clothing issue shit needs to stop by the way.It shouldnt be a topic. Its stupid. Its been great meeting new cool people and skating with more then just me and brandon. good dudes good times.Deathproof was sweet. Back to drawing for noah's sweet screenprinting class. what goodies does he have in store me thinks...?

Oh Dear said...

i wrote waaay to much


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