Ewwyerwierd, Ideas are wierd.

So I'm in silkscreening now and thought of idea yesterday and this is just a rough

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Wad ya think? I need the right font though..so if anyone has Friz Quadrata Bold send
an e-mail to Ohdearlife@gmail.com



Anonymous said...

its pretty cool, i say take a picture of al gore and put simply smashing under it.. but thats just me.

Anonymous said...

no way with the gore. that would look like you bought the shirt at the same place people get those "if you can read this, your right, i would serve the human population vastly if a different sperm won the egg race"

get the right font and were golden
either that or the my war one..

(up north photos soon)


Noah said...

Oh man you kids

brandon said...

oh my god. i have the best shit ever. give me like, 4 hours to get the shit though. OH MY GOD.

brandon said...

fuck. just kidding. i can only use the program on mac. and my mac is in the garage. noah, DL kidpix. and ill explain the rest. holy shit.

somebody said...