dude, bro!

i was driving home from fountain valley tonight. and as im waiting at a light with The Beatles hello, goodbye blasting pretty loud. i glance over to the car next to me and what do i see but a boy wearing a red members only jacket asking me to roll down my window. i roll it down and he pulls the fag out of his mouth to say-

dude bro: hey man, do you have a dollar?
myself: uhm, no i dont..
dude bro: oh... what about four quarters?
myself: uhm, thats still a dollar. and no.
dude bro: oh..
myself: well, i do have a nickle. (light turns green)
dude bro: alright, ill take that.
myself: (screeching away..)

as soon as i stopped laughing i realized they were driving next to me staring. so i proceeded to look back at them and smile. i then sped up and they died.

oh yeahh.