chase and i went skating today.
we warmed up at the olive garden banks.
then went to my general area to skate a ditch, but there was too much water in it. bust.
then we went to these banks brea area.
i got acouple of tricks, as did chase.
we started to film. and got some good shit.
chase ate shit a few times, and i would have loved those for the intro.
BUT, since i havent gotten my ribbon cable in the mail yet, we didnt know that the camera had zoomed in omega. so everything we filmed today is gone.
my run, chases back 5 revert and falls. done.
i knew the lens looked silly.

last week on wednesday chase and i skated in the riverbed thanks to noah telling us where some ledges were.

the okay ledge

the better ledge

good ledges. good skating. noah, you miss out on too much.