do not compromise your specialites

well after having lunch with my dad with my chin snug in my palm and my dad asking "do you believe in jesus christ?"; me and danielle met up for dinner at bodhi tree. but as i was locking my bike and awaiting d's arrival some smelly, dirty, grungy, smelly punker kid decided to roll towards me in his furnished tony hawk board, oh, and an extremely dirty exploited shirt. our get together went like this:
guy: "hey do you have a dollar for beer?"
me: "no."
guy: "do you have like 25 cents..?"
me: "no i dont"
guy: "no money at all?"
me: "no."
guy: "fuck, im so broke.."
me: snicker
more pausing..
guy: "well ive got some pot? wanna smoke some pot?"
me: "no thanks"
guy: "you goin to jan's?"
me: "what?"
guy: "JANS!"
me: "what?!"
me: "No! Im waiting for a friend.."
guy: "Oh well, im gonna try and ask everyone for a quarter i need some beer, see yah later man"